Glendale Orthopaedic Services

Glendale Orthopaedics is committed to exploring all options with the patient before he or she decides on a surgical route. We are regularly called upon to provide second opinions for orthopaedic patients facing difficult surgeries and have been able to offer successful alternative remedies. Our affiliation with three local hospitals – Glendale Memorial Hospital, Glendale Adventist Medical Center, and Verdugo Hills Hospital – will provide you with choices for any necessary hospitalization.


Glendale Orthopaedics provides the following services:

Primary and Revision Joint Replacement Surgery: Hips, Knees, and Shoulders
Anterior Approach Hip Replacement:
This revolutionary procedure is only performed by a select group of surgeons.
It results in the ability to walk the next day, a shortened hospital stay, greater
preservation of muscle tissue, less bodily trauma, and ultimately, less rehabilitation.
This procedure is highly recommended for individuals with an active lifestyle.

Ultrasound-Guided Joint Injection System:
Guided injections into the joints for pain and symptom relief
Digital x-ray capabilities on site with immediate interpretation.
Sports Medicine
Trauma Care
Fracture Care
Casting and Splinting
General Orthopaedic Surgery